The Backline - An Improv Podcast

143 - Casting

September 5, 2018

In this episode, Rob and Adam discuss casting and what does the "perfect" Harold team look like! If you'd like to play at home, pick 8 archetypes from the list below:

1) Initiator - This player starts scenes.  Always the first person out.

 2) Listener - This person is always 2nd out.  Very good at supporting their partner's offers.

3) Glue Player - Directs the show from within.  Very good at editing the show and being mindful of variety.

4) Game Player - Master of Game of the Scene.  Excellent at heightening patterns.

5) Actor - Very charming onstage.  Able to ground even the weirdest of premises.

6) Tagger - Excellent at 2nd beats.  Great at tagging into scenes.  Always has a great 2nd beat ready.

7) Clown - Someone very funny.  Able to bring down the lights. Falls down a lot.

8) Veteran - Someone with loads of experience. Able to take the suggestion and instil a strong work ethic in the team.

9) Instigator - This is person likes to cause mischief in scenes.  Always pushing boundaries.

10) Connector - Able to find the theme and bring everything together in 3rd beats.

11) Organic Player - Master of Group Games and openers.  Able to execute complex transitions. 

12) Justifier - Able to set-up the who, what, where.  Provide context to scenes.

13) Singer - Someone who is excellent at musical improv.

14) Character Player - Someone who is able to bring a series of big, rich characters to scenes. 

15) Deadpanner - Someone who's dry wit is able to bring BIG cerebral laughs to the stage. Also excellent at satire and premises.

16) Yes Ander - Someone very excited to be there and support other player's ideas.

17) Storyteller - Able to tell a compelling narrative and create mind-blowing action sequences.