The Backline - An Improv Podcast

100 - Musical Improv (LIVE)

December 21, 2016

It's the finale of Season 3!  In this episode of The Backline LIVE, a reluctant Adam takes a tour through the world of musical improv with some of Toronto's best musical performers.  Along the way he discovers how to sing, compose a narrative through song, and rhyme with help from Ashley Botting (CBC Because News), Kevin Vidal (Sunnyside), Jan Caruana (Second City), Phatt Al (God Made Me Funky), and Graham Wright (Tokyo Police Club).  At the end of this adventure, Adam learns the true value of Christmas cheer and improvises a song onstage.  Special thanks to: Ayaka Kinugawa, Kevin Frank, Matt Hallworth, Steve Cruickshank, Holly Wyder, and the Brunswick project.  See you in a few months!