122 - How to Frankenstein a Character

November 1, 2017

This spooky Halloween episode, deals with using arcane sorcery to animate a character and bring it to life!!!  Adam and Rob talk Tatiana Maslany, Mike Myers, Hot 30's, and accents. Regardless, this episode is full of improv tricks and treats.  Enjoy!


32 - What’s Missing? (R)

November 8, 2017

FROM THE ARCHIVES:  This week Adam and Rob talk about might be running through your head, standing on the backline of a longform improv set.  Great improvisers don't walk onstage and just do good improv scenes.  They are mindful of the scenes that came before, the overall energy of the show, what variety looks like in longform improv, and most importantly what's missing from a show.  Also the guys answer listener questions regarding being blackballed from shows and which accents are offensive onstage.


123 - The Improv Sherpa

November 15, 2017

Sherpas live near the Himalayan mountains. They are known to be expert mountaineers and sometimes guide foreigner through the perilous trek up the mountain.  

For many veterans, guiding new improvisers through an improv jam can be equally daunting. So how do you take care of newbies and ensure they arrive at peak in one piece?  Special thanks to Linda Julia Paolucci this episode!  If you have your own questions drop us a line @thebackpod on Twitter and Facebook.