117 - Archetypes

September 6, 2017

This week Adam and Rob nerd out about character archetypes, stereotypes, Star Wars, and how to create memorable characters that stand-out from your peers.  If you're passionate about improvised soap operas or narrative improv, you'll get some insight into how to craft a character from scratch and sustain it throughout the show.  


118 - Framing

September 14, 2017

This week Rob and Adam, delve deep into the world of UCB-style Game of the Scene and discuss framing.  We know framing is all about contextualized, that one weird offer in your base reality (platform), but how do you know what do with those offers?  How do you use them in a way that makes it clear to your audiences and partner: THIS IS THE GAME!  Well, we get into it.  Also, Copenhagen and Olso updates, what to do with a weekend to yourself, The Beaches, Alvvays, and Adam becoming a real boy...