113 - Vulnerability

August 2, 2017

Jokes are a great place to hide.  Having a funny voice or massive character can protect you from you having to expose your true self. This week Rob and Adam discuss how to open up in front of audience and reveal your story to the audience.


114 - Jams (Wish I Was Your Lover)

August 10, 2017

This week Rob and Adam get into a heated debate over the effifacy of improv jams. How useful are improv jams? What's the best way to make the most of jamming?  As well as, some tips on how to handle difficult players you might meet at a random mash-up. Also, Adam and Rob welcome themselves to the Sonar Network!  


115 - Hack

August 24, 2017

Creating new content EVERY, SINGLE show can be draining for any improviser. Sometimes, improvisers fall back on easy jokes to get us through tough, uninspired scenes. Its a part of improvising. But when we continue to reuse jokes, characters, or premises we prevent ourselves from the real joy (and danger) of creating something from nothing.  This week, Rob and Adam discuss the dark, tempting powers of the hack joke.  Enjoy!


116 - Questions Only #4

August 30, 2017

UPDATE: Audio problems fixed! This week Rob and Adam, answer YOUR questions!  From playing dumb to reading improv books to feeling overlooked - this episode has it all!  Also discussed Kill All Normies, Red Lanterns, and ending a show on a dream sequence.  Meat and Potatoes!